Custom Silicone Wristbands

We offer an extensive range of colors, styles, and options so that you can fully customize your silicone wristbands and make them look exactly the way you want them. Read on and explore the various possibilities for your custom wristbands.


Types of Wristbands


Whatever purpose your wristbands are for, we have the best solution for you. Check out these wristband types to find something that perfectly suits you.


Debossed Wristbands


Debossed-WristbandsDebossed wristbands are our most popular type of wristbands and are the most commonly used style on the market. Available in a variety of colors, debossed wristbands will carry your brand, logo or slogan effectively so as to catch the attention of the people. You can choose swirled, segmented or solid color to enhance the appearance of your silicone wristbands and turn them into something more memorable.


Embossed Wristbands


Embossed wristbands are your choice if you want to add some special effects to your bands. Instead of being engraved, the design is raised above the surface of the wristband to make it more noticeable. Our wristbands are of 100% hypoallergenic, medical grade silicone so they are guaranteed safe and sturdy.


Color Filled Wristbands


Color-Coated-WristbandsWith this wristband type, you can add a layer of stunning color to the standard debossed bands. We will paint the depressed areas of the design with a stunning color to create a contrasting effect. Through this, the design of your silicone wristbands will appear as if it’s popping off the band! What an awesome way to spread brand awareness!


Color Coated Wristbands


This is our newest wristband type and we are proud to offer it to you. With color coated wristbands, the design is engraved into the band over the surface that was coated beforehand. This results to a sharper contrasting effect that is sure to catch attention. Go with color coated wristbands and make your brand name and logo stand out from the background.


One Inch Wristbands


One inch wristbands are your perfect choice if you want to go with a large design. With these bands, your design will have a bigger room and you can include other elements to it. This wristband type can be debossed, color-filled or silk-screened.


Three Quarter Inch Wristbands


If you find the standard half-inch too small and one-inch too large, then three quarter wristbands are for you. With an extra space that isn’t too big, you can enlarge your design to just the perfect size. Three quarter inch wristbands can also be debossed, color-filled or silk-screened.


Segmented Wristbands


With the segmented type, you can have two or three colors embracing your custom wristbands. These are excellent for sports teams, businesses or schools whose logos include multiple colors.


Swirled Wristbands


Silicone wristbands that have swirled colors look tie-dyed and can certainly turn heads. This type is also great for organizations with multiple colors. You can include swirled colors to your debossed, embossed, silk-screened, or painted wristbands.


Silkscreen Wristbands


Silk-screened wristbands are ideal if you want to incorporate an intricate design or logo. We use the standard silkscreen process to imprint your design onto the band, no matter how elaborate the design may be. Silk-screened bands are a cost-effective alternative that lets you include specialized design to your wristbands.


Keychain Bands


If you want to go beyond wristbands, then get our keychain bands. We add a unique mechanism to a regular wristband so you can carry it as a keychain. This is a smart way to raise brand awareness and make customers remember your name.


Micro Wristbands


Rubber-braceletsMicro wristbands have an increasing popularity at fundraising events and schools. Since the size is only half of the standard silicone wristbands, many people tend to wear many micro bands at once. This wristband type is always the silk-screened style. And due to their small size, they are not recommended if you plan to have an intricate design as it will not be legible.


Finger Bands


Finger bands are another new style we carry. This is an easy way to promote your organization or business. And since this type is pretty small, it might not be able to accommodate large designs. If you want something simple yet unique, then finger bands are your best choice.


Can’t decide which one to get? Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you.