The Reasons of Outsourcing PCB Assembly

Your company probably has the best team of design engineers and PCB fabricators. After years of operating in the PCB fabrication, you outsource the PCB assembly. Your company starts to plan in making your own assembly team but we think you are making a mistake. Although the idea is great, and you might even think this cuts back cost, starting an assembly team is not easy. It actually increases your cost of production. So, why you should continue to outsource your assembly? Here are the reasons:

Capital Outlay

PCB-AssemblyYou need to purchase expensive machineries for your in-house assembly. Before, most electronics manufacturers did everything, from fabrication to assembly. However, doing this business strategy requires more capital outlay than outsourcing. You also have to hire experts who will design your assembly schematics, maintain your assembly house and other related matters.

Instead of ROI, you continue to spend money on maintenance and work force costs. By the time you perfect your assembly process, innovators introduce another technology to enhance the procedures. To stay above the competition, you buy either this technology or give up of your assembly house.

Return on Investment

You probably have thought that in-house assembly is better. It gives you higher ROI. Perhaps, it may bring you higher ROI if you concentrate your resources in the assembly. However, if you have other capital investments, you might not realize the ROI you want. You might not even realize the break-even point for putting up such department on top of your other departments. Thus, you are wasting money on a department you might not even know if it will prosper.

Even if you have planned every detail before assembling the in-house teams, you might still encounter problems that will bleed your capital resources. Stress is one of the problems you will experience. New innovations you should purchase is another.

Scale of Work

Instead of focusing on your PCB fabrication, your team’s expertise is now divided. Your team has to learn the new process, and discover the best practices in an excellent PCB assembly house. Thus, we suggest that use your investment money wisely. Acquire the best machineries to improve your current technology and let us do the assembly work. We can provide you the best-assembled PCBs and produce more output than you can. Moreover, we can offer the PCBs at a lower cost than if you do it in-house.

Value-added Services

Although most PCB assembly houses do not offer design services, we are an exception. Design service is part of our deal. We can help you refine the designs of your engineers and provide solutions to the defects we find in your designs. We have been in the industry for so many years. Our expertise places us ahead of our competitors. If you are planning to develop your own assembly house, you will need years to build the expertise you can actually get from outsourcing.
Our team consists of experts from the different aspects of electronic industry, providing us value added services. In turn, we deliver such value added services to you.

Guaranteed Quality Control

Since you divide capital investment and team’s expertise, the biggest issue that you will experience is quality control. Consumers are strict about quality. If your company delivers low quality PCBS, they can easily spread the news through the Internet. With just a few clicks of a mouse, your company’s reputation could be ruined. Instead of putting up your own PCB assembly department, better abandon the idea and focus your efforts in improving other aspect of PCB fabrication.

If you outsource your assembly, you are availing of our quality control practices at a cost affordable to you. Our company acquires the certifications from the government, indicating that we abide by the law and we implement top-of-the-line practices when it comes to our assembly.

The idea of developing your in house assembly is challenging but the costs of opportunity do not compensate for it. The worst thing to happen is to cease operation due to inadequate working capital. Therefore, we suggest that you continue outsourcing your assembly. The return on investment is higher than doing in-house assembly. Furthermore, you rid of yourself the many stresses of hiring employees, maintaining the machines and acquiring the certifications and permits to do assembly.

ElectronicsConcluding our article, we recommend that you outsource your PCB assembly and focus your capital on other investment opportunities such as acquiring the best technologies in creating a good PCB design or fabricating an excellent printed circuit boards. Let us do the assembly since we have the experience to deliver the best assembly services. We also have the best technologies so you can deliver the most sophisticated electronic products to your consumers.

Furthermore, outsourcing your assembly process offers many benefits that you cannot get from putting up your in-house assembly team. That said, we hope to hear from you and avail of our free quotation.